Bug fixes

Bug fixes TheDrumSource 2.1 (28 juni 2014)

  • Problem with pattern changes

Bug fixes TheDrumSource 2.0 (14 december 2013)

  • Fixed a bug that changes of settings wasn’t saved when you exited the host without saving first
  • The first drum was not played when standing at position 0 in Cubase
  • SYNC mode now works on EnergyXT (verified with EnergyXT version 2.6)
  • Shows last pattern edited on startup

Bug fixes TheDrumSource 1.1 (24 juni 2012)

  • Fixed a bug that the browser didn’t show the A and B drives

Bug fixes TheDrumSource 1.0 (20 may 2011)

  • Sometimes when you was entring or leaving browser mode (more often when you where browsing in large directories) the DAW hanged and the VST Performace meter went to max
  • SYNC mode is much less CPU heavy
  • TheDrumsource stole key-pressings from the host
  • Load of project file, Effect program (.fxp) and effect bank (.fxb) forced TheDrumSource into a state that ‘Sync’ couldn’t be selected